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The Best care for the Infections (fever) at the right place:

Best of IDs and 100 degrees fever clinic specializes in treating people with infections (fevers) like Malaria, Dengue, Typhoid, Chikungunya, TB, COVID 19, Influenza, HIV/AIDS, Sexually transmitted diseases and other acute and chronic infections. Best of IDs not only treats infections but it focuses on prevention in the form of adult vaccination clinic and travel clinic for international travel.

During this time of COVID 19, Best of IDs provides virtual support to both patients and other health care
organizations not having in house infectious disease specialists.

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Consultations and Covid 19 support and management are available through

virtual care. Contact Best of IDs & 100 degrees Fever clinic for more information

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We offer extensive medical services for our patients recommend
that you use officia.

To care, To heal, To support, To Teach, To Train and To Innovate in the field if infectious diseases.

To be the,

    • Best infectious diseases clinical care provider
    • Best place to learn & train in Infectious Diseases
    • Best environment to innovate, research and collaborate
    • I – Innovative (Creative)
    • D- Do more for less (Cost conscious)
    • S- Simplify